New Year means… Resolution Time!!!!!

Hello Friends!!!!

Wishing you a very very Happy New Year. May 2020 brings lot of peace, fun, enjoyment, enthusiasm, zeal, fulfillment of your hopes, consciousness of mind and all your dreams come true this year.

As usual it is the time to take a resolution…. but the difference is that instead to resolve for

  • “Diet or eat healthier “
  • “waking up early in the morning at 4:00 am”
  • “join gym and build your body as muscular as of Tiger Shroff “
  • “do yoga every day”
  • “lose weight”
  • “save more money and spend less”
  • “Quit smoking and avoid alcohol”
  • “Spend more time with family and friends”
  • and so on..

We need to resolve for a solemn change and start thinking differently as everyone is different. I know!! your are thinking that what I am talking about???

Here it’s-

  • “stop wasting your precious time in overthinking
  • “Be honest at least for yourself”
  • “enjoy the joy of giving (I bet you .. it will give you lot of happiness and satisfaction)”
  • “be a role model for someone”
  • learn something new Everyday (it can be a lesson from your own life or from others’ experience) “
  • try to get prowess in any foreign language (whether French, German or any other…)
  • Improve yourself every moment….. and such other……

So guys!! what are you thinking 🙂 Time to think and resolve a little bit different………………

Thank you so much again best wishes for the new year and hope that you like it …..


Time to make a change !!

Yes!! I am sharing with you all my dear,

Thinking for a change?? This is the right time, do it now, to make it a better opportunity for you my dear…… I know that it is not an easy task as everyone think so but you can make it easy by determine yourself to change your thoughts into an action same like before executing a plan, proper planning is needed always.